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Management Software/DCIM
Management-Software DCIM

With the wide suite of infrastructure planning and management solutions available from FIG, you can quickly realize the benefits of real time monitoring and predictive modeling for every critical device in your data center. We offer advanced, vendor-neutral software systems that provide a unified view an analysis of complex IT physical infrastructure, building management software, and network management systems. These solutions will ensure continued effectiveness, gain energy and cost efficiencies and aid in the short and long-term planning and provisioning of data center equipment and resources.



Security Environmental

FIG offers a complete line of security and environmental monitoring devices that can be used over the network. The system has the capability of remotely monitoring video feeds anywhere within in your IT environment. In addition, they also monitor temperature, humidity, door contact, dry contact, spot leaks, vibration, and smoke. Additional features like integration with centralized management platforms, Power over Ethernet, and user-defined alerts make the offering the perfect fit to protect your IT assets from security and environmental threats. This scalable suite of networked appliances, sensors, access controls and cameras is designed to safeguard environments ranging in size from network closets to entire data centers. The appliances can be designed in a modular fashion, and easily scaled at any time. Optional user-defined alerts can be sent in a variety of formats and are easily integrated into event escalation policies.