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Telecom Management

We are a telecommunications management firm specializing in the brokerage of your voice and data services. We have relationships with over 70 top national and international carriers.

  • We deliver multiple carrier recommendations based on best practice technologies.
  • We can lower your cost between 25-30% while improving your uptime, availability and overall infrastructure.
  • Having a combined total of over 20 years in the telecom space, we have specific industry experience that lends to recommendations of best in breed technology.

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Understanding how many employees you have and if they work mobile are very important to know. The amount of calling you do, your budget, and type of phone system are all components used to determine your voice service needs. There are many options for your voice communications.

Here are the many different options for your voice line needs below.


Primary Rate Interface (PRI)

A digital service offered for systems that are newer than analog but older than VoIP systems. A PRI service is a great way of offering a business with multiple users one consolidated circuit that is capable of delivering a simultaneous 23 calls out of it's 24 channels (one reserved feature channel). This is also a great way of managing physical extensions in the business by offering DID's or (Direct-Inward-Dial features) that elminate usage for internal communications.

Analog Trunks

Delivery of traditional POTS or POTS like services over circuits such as T1 delivery for consolidated cost based on the quantity of POTS needed for the business for voice or FAX.

Session Initiated Protocol (SIP)

The Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is an IETF-defined signaling protocol, widely used for controlling multimedia communication sessions such as voice and video calls over Internet Protocol (IP). The protocol can be used for creating, modifying and terminating two-party (unicast) or multiparty (multicast) sessions consisting of one or several media streams.

SIP delivery is ideal for medium sized customers or large enterprises that already have an internal VoIP system and need a direct connection by a carrier to power their system.

Because of the nature of the transport many organizations find that SIP reduces or eliminates their overall usage costs.

Many of our medium sized or enterprise customers enjoy this product set because they are able to manage and maintain their own phone system/switch while having the robust features that SIP can bring.

Voice Over IP (VoIP)

Is one of a family of internet technologies, communication protocols, and transmission technologies for delivery of voice communications and multimedia sessions over Internet Protocol (IP) networks, such as the Internet.

These solutions are ideal for businesses of any size whether hosted or managed. These solutions allow to reduced or eliminated cost for usage based voice services by bypassing local transport to the PSTN. Also allowing rich robust features in addition to standard class five features on the hosted side.


t1 integrated

How fast would you like your internet to be? Are you hosting email, web, or file servers? How many employees do you have? These are just some of the questions that will help determine what type of speed you will need. Once we understand these questions and a few more, such as budget, we can start to create a custom business solution for you.


We only work with business services. For home use, please contact your local internet service provider.


This is the most common type of business data service. The speed is 1.5 Mb of guaranteed upload and download speeds. This can be bonded with up to 8 more T1's for a total speed up to 12 Mb. For a small office of 10 employees, this data connection is perfect and not dependent on distance.

Private Line (P2P)

This is a permanent link between two endpoints. The endpoints could be home and office, or office to office. The value of a permanent point-to-point network is the value of guaranteed, or nearly so, communications between the two endpoints. The value of an on-demand point-to-point connection is proportional to the number of potential pairs of subscribers.

Ethernet over Copper (EoC)

With speeds 50 Mb and more, EoC is the perfect solution for scale in your data needs. Higher bandwidth is offered at a lower cost than a T1 solution because of one caveat – distance makes a difference. The further out from the Central Office (CO), the more your speed starts to degrade. On the upside, adding more speed is a breeze down the road.


With today's growing demand for increased data storage and transfer, Fiber is quickly becoming an affordable solution for big business. Incredibly fast speeds of 150 Mb and much higher are available.
We offer both lit and dark fiber solutions.

Multi-Protocol Label Switching

MPLS is a highly scalable, protocol agnostic, data-carrying mechanism. In an MPLS network, data packets are assigned labels. Packet-forwarding decisions are made solely on the contents of this label, without the need to examine the packet itself. This allows one to create end-to-end circuits across any type of transport medium, using any protocol. The primary benefit is to eliminate dependence on a particular Data Link Layer technology, such as ATM, frame relay, SONET or Ethernet, and eliminate the need for multiple Layer 2 networks to satisfy different types of traffic. MPLS belongs to the family of packet-switched networks.

MPLS has benefits for our clients like unified data communication across network for multiple layers of traffic, we have used this service as a platform across organizations to deliver Voice Over IP (VoIP) – while maintaining class of service and quality of service via provider based or customer managed equipment. Building lower priorities for private data and public internet data to allow optimum efficiencies for all systems.


4G Biz Solutions HFN ServerCentral
ACC InContact ShoreTel Sky
Airespring Integra Telecom Single Path
ANPI Intelepeer SingleHop
AT&T Intercall Spectrotel
Birch Internap Sprint
Brighthouse IT Savvy Suddenlink
Broadsmart Latisys Sunesys
Business Only Broadband Level 3 Telepacific
CallOne Lightower Telesphere
CenturyLink Masergy Telx
Charter Mediacom Terremark
China Telecom MegaPath Thinking Phones
Coeo MetTel Time Warner Cable
Cogent Navisite TW Telecom
Comcast Netwolves Verizon
Coresite Ngenx Vonage
Datapipe nScaled US Signal
Easylink Nuvestack ViaWest
Earthlink Pacnet West IP
Fiberlight Peak 10 WIN
FirstComm PGI Windstream
Frontier QTS WOW
Fusion Rapid Scale XO Communications
Green Cloud Reliance Globalcom Zayo
GTT Rootaxcess  

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